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Women's Super COMFY & CUTE Platform Sandals

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  • Size 4.5 US =Heel to Toe 8.86"(22.5cm)=Our Size 35

    Size 5 US =Heel to Toe 9.06"(23cm)=Our Size 36

    Size 6 US =Heel to Toe 9.25"(23.5cm)=Our Size 37

    Size 7 US =Heel to Toe 9.45"(24cm)=Our Size 38

    Size 8 US =Heel to Toe 9.65"(24.5cm)=Our Size 39

    Size 8.5 US =Heel to Toe 9.84"(25cm)=Our Size 40

    Size 9 US =Heel to Toe 10.04"(25.5cm)=Our Size 41

    Size 10 US =Heel to Toe 10.24"(26cm)=Our Size 42

    Size 11 US =Heel to Toe 10.43"(26.5cm)=Our Size 43

  • Product Category: Straight
  • Popular elements: rhinestones, hollow
  • Upper material: artificial PU
  • Cortical features: cow split suede
  • Sole material: PVC
  • Heel height: middle heel (3-5CM)
  • Heel shape: wedge heel
  • pattern: plain
  • Inside material: imitation leather
  • Applicable scene: daily
  • Sole process: Viscose shoes
  • Function: increased, breathable, balanced, lightweight, wear-resistant, non-slip